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Residential Swimming Pool Finishes

There are many different types of residential swimming pool finishes that you can choose from. Each of these home swimming pool finish types will give your water a different look. Here at Plaster Tech, we can assist you in determining the best option for you.

Swimming Pool Refinishing

Over the course of time, the finish on your pool can wear out. If the wearing becomes too great, repairs may not be enough. That is when you need to hire a professional for their swimming pool refinishing services.

At Plaster Tech, we offer a variety of home swimming pool finish types. Each of the different finishes have a unique look, allowing you to customize your pool the way you like.

Quartz Finish

Plaster is one of the most common residential swimming pool finishes. Typically, this type of finish will need to be replastered every 5-7 years.
Quartz is an entry level option, you can choose from a variety of different shades. This is the smoothest finish to touch. The plaster is mixed with dyes to create colors such as:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • AquaK
  • White
  • And more

The shades you choose will affect the look of the water.

Pebble Finishes

A Pebble finish is a popular choice for home swimming pool finish types: . This home swimming pool finish type is made up of pebbles that are mixed in with Portland cement and a variety of dyes. StoneScapes series offers you a variety of colors, allowing you to customize your pool. This finish is highly durable and can be a great choice.


Tiles can be a great option for swimming pool refinishing. Tiles become outdated, so when refinishing your pool interior this would be the ideal time to change the look of your existing tile.

With the variety of colors and designs, tiling your pool can give you a large variety of styles. Whether you use the tiles as a waterline accent, or on edges of steps, you can make your pool as unique as you like.

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If you are in need of swimming pool refinishing, please contact us today. We offer many different residential swimming pool finishes to meet your needs.

JewelScapes® – Classic Series

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StoneScapes® – Touch of Glass

StoneScapes® – Pebble Series

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